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We’re backed by over 20 years’ financial services experience with first hand knowledge of the NDIS system, and what is currently lacking within Plan Management, especially locally here in Perth. 

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Why Choose Your Choice DPM if you are a:

NDIS Participant

  • Plan Management is all we do. No conflicts.
  • The cost of our service is added to your NDIS budget. It’s like free help!
  • We have capacity and can on-board you quickly. No waiting.
  • We have invested in the best technology, so your providers get paid quickly. We know getting supports that suit you is hard – making sure they get paid in a timely manner keeps your support team happy and engaged.
  • We can help you decide the best way to engage and pay your support workers.
  • We have a lived experience of disability – so we understand the stress and importance of getting the support you need.
  • We are local WA people with extensive financial services & adult education experience. We act as your guide to navigate the NDIS.
  • While we are great at managing your budget and paying your support invoices, we also have a big focus on your NDIS education. It is knowledge that really gives you choice and control.

We’ll spend about 60 minutes with you when you first engage us to ensure we understand your NDIS plan and answer any concerns or questions you may have about how we will work together to implement your plan.

Support Coordinator

We know the support coordinator role is not only critical to good outcomes for the participant, but also challenging and busy!

Your Choice DPM aims to make your role easier by providing:

  • Access to your participant’s budget spend by provider and support category online 24/7.
  • Quick invoice payments – usually within the week.
  • In addition to all budget and spend info, you can access; provider invoice history, provider service agreements, documents, scheduled changes.
  • Our team are happy to talk to you about support options for you participant anytime. It’s a team effort!

Call us for a copy of our Service Agreement.
We’d love to work with you!

Other Providers

As a provider whether you are a support worker, therapist, or another organisation …
… why is Your Choice the best choice both for you and your participants?

  • We have a great team and the best technology to get you paid fast, so you can focus on your participant’s needs, and not chasing payment.
  • You can access your participant’s budget spend against your service agreement online 24/7.
  • We have a secure online archive of all documents, such as service bookings, and history that you can access.
  • Our team are happy to talk to you about any support / NDIS issues for your participant anytime.

It’s a team effort!

Engaging and paying direct support workers

One of the great benefits of self and plan management under the NDIS is that you get to
directly engage your own supports who can be NDIS registered or not.

This flexibility is great, but engaging staff does come with some responsibilities…

Will they be employees or contractors? And what is the difference?

If they are employees, how will you collect income tax, pay their superannuation and track it all?

In line with the “choice and control” principles of NDIS, we have developed a range of options so you can choose the best approach to meet your needs, experience and preferences. We will help you select the best option that suits you and facilitate its implementation.

These options range from you being very hands on (with some coaching and support from us), to you being very hands off – except for you choosing who you want to work with you.

Choosing who works with you is probably the best part about the choice and control that Plan
Management gives you. We think it should be Your Choice!

Ask us about the option that best suits you.

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What People Are Saying About Us

With 20 years of financial services experience and a lived experience of disability, you can rely on us to help you manage and make the most of your NDIS support budget with a minimum of fuss and stress.

Evan takes the time to listen and understand our situation and goals, and make the complex simple – so we don’t have to worry.

It’s great to know Evan’s family lives with disability too. The support you get from Your Choice is more than a business arrangement. Its not just about processing our invoices and tracking our budget – they care enough to want to make a difference.

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